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CMMC Readiness Solution

Cybersecurity Consulting Solutions

Are your business IT systems secure?  If you haven't sustained a cyber breach, you are either highly prepared, extraordinarily fortunate, or you have but are unaware.  Most organizations are still relying on defenses that are insufficient and out of date.  No system will be 100% secure, but most breaches are preventable.  GlobalSecurityIQ will provide comprehensive solutions that will leverage intelligence, threat monitoring, enterprise policy, cyber risk mitigation strategy, and corporate education to detect and mitigate threats.  

Threat Assessments and Vulnerability Scans

Threat Assessments and Vulnerability Scans

Threat Monitoring, Cyber Risk Mitigation, and Security

Threat Monitoring, Cyber Risk Mitigation, and Security

CISO as a Service, Penetration Testing, and Incident Response

CISO as a Service, Penetration Testing, and Incident Response

Disaster Recovery, Forensics, and Compliance

Disaster Recovery, Forensics, Ransomware and Compliance

Cybersecurity Education

Cybersecurity Education

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About GlobalSecurityIQ

The founder of GlobalSecurityIQ, Holly Hubert, is a retired FBI Agent with 25 years of experience. Our organization is a collaboration of active and retired law enforcement officials and private sector IT engineers who are highly skilled in cybersecurity, intelligence, and cyber education. Our team, combined, has more than 100 years of experience in law enforcement, cyber education, cyber crime, and IT experience. Through GlobalSecurityIQ, we work to continuously protect and serve our community. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help your business prevent malicious threat actors and mitigate cyber risk through comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, cyber intelligence, education, and unified threat management.

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