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What Makes a Strong Password?

What Makes a Strong Password?

What makes a password strong? They need to be long and complex to create a uniqueness about it that will be hard to crack from the hacker’s standpoint. Password requirements are getting more in-depth, below is a list of best practice requirements that are needed for a secure password:

1. Do not input any login, email, first, or last name data within your password.
2. Never create a password with three or more repeating characteristics in a row.
3. Having a long basic password is more secure than a short complex password.
4. Always store passwords in a secure form, such as encryption.
5. Use different passwords for different accounts.

Not only should you know about how to construct a strong password, but how password crackers work as well. Password crackers are applications that are used to identify unknown or forgotten passwords, and also allow hackers to gain access to unauthorized information. The two different methods are brute-force and dictionary searches. A brute-force attack is a program running through a list of defined passwords that are only a certain length until the application accepts the correct one. On the other hand, dictionary searches scan through every possible word in the dictionary for the correct password. The use of the topics above will create a more secure nature against different types of password cracker searches.

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