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Analyzing the COVID-19 Data Breach Landscape

Analyzing the COVID-19 Data Breach Landscape

Source: https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/92104-us-cisa-and-uk-ncsc-issue-covid-19-cybersecurity-threat-update

It’s October which means that it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  This year, more than ever, all organizations need to be aware of cyber related threats.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty across many industries.  Businesses have had to adapt to new challenges, such as implementing broad remote access for their employees, and have had to do so rapidly.  With all of these quick changes and confusion among organizations, cyber attackers are in an even better position to strike and capitalize on the environment we are all living and working in.

Previously, cyber attackers were using strategies that were consistently working to obtain valuable data from companies.  In the COVID-19 pandemic world, these tried and true methods are working even more often with all of the uncertainty and confusion that increased remote working brings.

Verizon has published an analysis of COVID-19 data breaches titled “Analyzing the COVID-19 data breach landscape.” Throughout this analysis the Verizon investigative team takes a look at data breaches that have occurred during the pandemic, and the role the pandemic played in the breaches.  They also provide trends to be aware of and analyze the impact of these breaches.

You can access the analysis here:  Analyzing the COVID-19 data breach landscape.

Most organizations are still relying on defenses that are insufficient and out of date, especially with the uncertainty COVID-19 has caused.  No system will be 100% secure, but most breaches are preventable.  GlobalSecurityIQ is a full service cybersecurity consultancy that is committed to providing your organization with comprehensive solutions that leverage cybersecurity best practices, risk assessment strategies, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, corporate education, and employee training to help mitigate cyber threats.

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