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Social Engineering

Types of Social Engineering Attacks


Email containing nefarious attachments or website links.

Spear Phishing

Targeted phishing attacks aimed at a specific organization or individual.

Whaling Attack

Phishing attack aimed at executive leadership.

Business Email Compromise

Impersonation of a company employee through a hacked email.

2019 Phishing Statistics

Employees of smaller organizations were more likely to be hit by email threats including spam, phishing, and email malware than those in large organizations.” (Symantec ISTR 2019)

Malicious Email Attachments

of malicious email attachments are Microsoft Office files.

Phishing Breach Rates

of breaches involved phishing
(Verizon DBIR 2019).

Spear Phishing

of attack groups used spear-phishing as the primary infection vector.

Simulated Phishing Campaign

GlobalSecurityIQ will simulate Social Engineering attacks performed by criminal groups and nation-state actors.

Our Simulated Phishing Testing Program will help:

  • Identify areas of weakness in your cyber-education
  • Train users against Simulated Phishing attack with varying difficulties
  • Provide strategic recommendations for short and long term training
  • Gain insight into user behavior toward different types of phishing attacks
  • Identify high-risk users in your computing environment

Phishing Data and Behavioral Analysis

GlobalSecurityIQ will track how organizational personnel interact with the Simulated Phishing emails, develop an informational report, and present the outcome to leadership.

Social Engineering Testing

It only takes a single employee clicking on a phishing email to give hackers access to your network. Once inside, hackers can deploy ransomware or other malicious code, steal your protected info, and lock you out of your critical files.

Prepare for the inevitable Social Engineering attacks on your organization with GlobalSecurityIQ’s Simulated Phishing Testing Program. We will educate your employees and then conduct a Simulated Phishing email campaign designed to reinforce your training.