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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Each organization’s computing environment is unique and complex. GlobalSecurityIQ’s philosophy on addressing cybersecurity risk is to perform a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment. Vulnerability Assessments consist of both a Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Scanning. The Risk Assessment will identify both technical and non-technical risks, such as insufficient logging, open ports, lack of a sufficient backup plan, or a weak password policy. The Vulnerability Scan will identify technical vulnerabilities such as unpatched software, missing security patches, or non-encrypted communications.

Our analysts looking at data collected during an assessment.

Remote Access Risk Assessment

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected the way organizations do business across the world. Many organizations faced an urgent need to surge remote access capability to an unprecedented number of users. Hackers and other malicious actors are aware of this and are constantly looking for opportunities to exploit poorly configured/non-secure remote access setups.

GlobalSecurityIQ is facing this threat head-on with a Remote Access Risk Assessment. This targeted assessment will review every aspect of your remote access system to ensure that it is configured in a way that protects your business, employees, and sensitive data.

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Vulnerability Scanning

GlobalSecurityIQ’s Vulnerability Scanning service is performed by highly experienced Cybersecurity Analysts using professional commercial, industry-leading scanning software.

We probe and identify weaknesses in your network that would allow hackers and malicious actors to gain access to your confidential information. GlobalSecurityIQ specializes in internal and external, web application, malware, and domain controller configuration Vulnerability Scanning.

The customized reports we generate help prioritize risk and inform remediation decisions. Scans are carefully configured to minimize any risks of business interruption or downtime.

GlobalSecurityIQ’s Continuous Monitoring Solution

Stay ahead of new threats! Even with a strong cybersecurity posture, malicious code and threats are dynamic and ever-changing. You could even be facing a threat from a malicious or unaware insider. We offer flexible plans to scan your networks for vulnerabilities on a monthly or weekly basis.

GSIQ Continuous Monitoring Solution
Our Monitoring Solution encapsulates a whole network.

Continuous Monitoring Solution

The various services can be packaged together to form a continuous monitoring plan:

  • Full Network Vulnerability Scan
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scan
  • Network Device Inventory
  • Patch Audit
  • Server Audit
  • Dashboard Manager